We’ll be hitting the water for an all-day wade fishing extravaganza! You’re looking at 8 hours of water time, with the possibility of catching trout after trout!

I GUARANTEE you will catch a limit or your money back!

This trip is designed to fill your mind full of memories for up to 3 anglers at a time, unless we’re fly fishing, in which I’ll only take 2 anglers per day.
If we’re not fly fishing, we’re focusing on spinning tackle and making calculated casts, then getting ready for that indicator to go down! When that happens, it’s fish on!
Don’t worry, I’ll be supplying all of the fishing gear required to cast and catch. That includes the rods, reels, bait and tackle!

In addition to getting on some serious trout bites, you can expect to learn some knot tying, how to read the water, and proper wading techniques!


It’s absolutely imperative that you bring a hat and sunglasses! Keeping the sun out of your eyes is only half the battle. Make sure your sunglasses are polarized, so you can not only fight the glare, but get a better view for clear water days!
You’ll also need to make sure you have your own fishing license! Whether it’s residential or out-of-state, you can find all your license needs online here, http://www.wvfish.com/, or by visiting one of our local authorized fishing license dealers!
I’ll suggest you bring a few snacks and some water. Staying hydrated while out there is definitely an important thing for your livelihood!
Don’t forget waders, but don’t worry if you do or just don’t have any. I can rent waders for just $10/day, which will be due the day you arrive. Just let me know your boot size, and we’ll get you fitted and ready!


These specialized wade fishing trips are $250/day for 1 Angler. Each additional angler is $125/day.
Don’t stress about putting the whole total down today, for just 20% down, you can reserve your day!
This is for an 8-hour trip, but usually, if you’re up for it, I’m up for staying until dark for no additional cost. I’m all for being out here helping you get fish after fish!

1 Angler: $250/Day ($50 Deposit/Day)
2 Anglers: $375/Day ($75 Deposit/Day)
3 Anglers: $500/Day ($100 Deposit/Day)

The remaining balance owed for your trip is due when we meet for your trip that day.


It’s time to get prepared for your trip! We’ve got a few helpful links to get started, and then an easy online reservation tool that you can utilize to help me give you the best experience possible!
Below are resource links to help you prepare for our trip!

If you're ready for a fishing trip of a lifetime, book now!