I take pride in my ability to provide an experience like no other while out on the water. Whether we are going through technique, species knowledge, or just a great conversation, I guarantee you will catch your limit, or your money back.. Where else can you get a guarantee like that?

Below, are some testimonies from clients of mine. Enjoy!

I’m an avid fisherman and Davey is by far the best guide I’ve ever had. He works hard and cares about his customers. My 14 year old son and I went out with Davey for two days in June 2020 and caught probably 150 fish a day when other people were catching not so many. Davey wouldn’t quit until we were done. He treated us like friends and we were definitely out for a full day. Plus he is a nice guy. My boy and I had the time of our lives and I give Davey five gold stars. Thank you for the memories!

Ron Cable

I first went fishing with David last year. I booked him for three days the first week of June this year. My 7 year old son and 8 year old nephew went with me the first day. My sister, father and 11 year old niece went the second day. I took my wife and 9 year old daughter the third day. We probably caught 400-500 fish between all of us–simply amazing. Not only will David put you on fish, but you won’t meet a friendlier person. Had we only caught a few fish each day, I would still give David 5 stars. A “slow” day in David’s mind is probably 20-30 trout caught/person. You will see other fisherman drop their jaws if you happen to run into them. We had most of the spots all to ourselves though. If you find yourself anywhere near Elkins or Davis, WV, and enjoy fishing, you will not regret booking a trip. I have fished a lot in my 40 years and my trips with David top them all. I used to think a great day of trout fishing was catching a handful. I watched my nephew make 8 casts and catch 8 trout in a row. We had multiple “triples” where all three of us had a trout hooked at the same time. We had three species of trout hooked at the same time. We had triples where we all had rainbows on at the same time. Lots of browns, rainbows, brookies and goldens. Rainbows jumping out of the water. I hope you get the picture. I’m not exaggerating and the only reason I can figure David does not have 100 5 star reviews is that most of his clients either don’t have Facebook or want to keep him a secret. I know how far a great endorsement can go and wanted to leave no ambiguity. David has given our family some incredible memories that we will cherish forever. I’ll be back to see him as often as I’m able.

Isaac Hartmann

What a day! Caught well over 100 fish today. Paliminos, big rainbows, brooks and browns. Big shoutout to Dave from almost heaven outfitters! He had us in fish all day, catching when nobody else was! Highly recommend!!!

Jim Moe Ferguson

We caught fish all day! Highly recommend., we caught over 100 brooks, browns, rainbows and palominos! We will be back! You want to catch a ton of fish, call Davey!

Jim Moe Ferguson

Excellent teacher, Guide, and Professional to a fault, Thank you for a true “Once in a Lifetime” fishing trip

Steve Hamling (Return Client)

Had an awesome day last Friday on the river with a great guy! A little tough water conditions but we found the fish nonetheless! Even snagged a West Virginia grand slam, yup a bow, brown, brook, and golden! The largest ones eluded but we found plenty of nice fish. Thanks David!!!

Justin Lear

Fantastic!!! I had never fished for trout before and Davey helped me catch over 35 trout (I missed 3 times as many). I caught rainbows, brown, brook and a “golden” all in one day. Davey was great and a legend to local anglers. I noticed who acknowledged his skill and knowledge and just watched us to learn from him. We caught fish when others weren’t. Davey has a great personality and I enjoyed the way he made me feel comfortable as a newbie. I had a wonderful experience and will be a return client. I can be reached @ 540.287.0626. Thanks Again Davey.

Robert Rodenski

A day of fishing on the Shavers River. To say Davey “Hooked us up is a true understatement, while every fisherman we met was having no luck, blaming it on everything from water too hot, to too late in the year. Dave preformed as advertised. We got to the river a little after 0800, five minutes later the wife got a river baptism (She slipped and when in up to her neck). A short hike later and we hit our first “Honey Hole”. At our second stop it took me about ten minutes to land my 7th trout, a 7 pound, 27 inch brute. by the end of the day and 3 holes, the wife totaled 8 trout (Rainbows, Brook, and a few Browns), my total was 12, but catching the big guy will be a memory of a lifetime, Thank You Davey!!

Steve Hamling

I have fished and hunted on 6 continents over the last 35 years. David is the best stream fisherman I have ever seen. Whatever technique he is using that day outfishes everyone else by far. More importantly, when he has guided me, he has used his knowledge of the stream and fish to help me catch and release more trout than I thought possible. I have fished with him at least 10 times in the last 5 years and he amazes me each ousting. I recommend his guide service to anyone who wants a quality experience catching more fish than you thought possible.

Ret Topping

I have been fishing in West Virginia for trout for 30 years. I went fishing with David in early January this year, and I caught 47 trout in one day! This was more trout than I would have caught in two weeks by myself. He has his fishing techniques down to a science. It was an amazing day, and I even learned to tie some new knots. If you want to catch an unbelievable amount of trout, give David a call.

Todd Biller

I had a wonderful time out on the water fishing with Davey! He took my grandfather and I to some great spots and we caught some beautiful trout that day! It was such a peaceful and awesome experience and I can’t wait to go again!

Haley Shephard

Was fishing on Shavers Fork upper section, when I saw a guy catching and releasing many trout, so I went over and started talking with him and it turned out that he was a trout fishing guide for ALMOST HEAVEN GUIDE SERVICE in ELKINS  WV. If you need a guide to turn you on to many trout this would  be your man.

David Rhodes